CLEAVAGE Etiquette: When is to-much, too-much?

A recent study of kiwi women has asked the question “When it’s ok for women to show some va-va-voom cleavage, and when is it definitely not ok?”.

The pleasure state™ my fit Cleavagely Correct survey, in partnership with New Zealand Psychologist and social commentator Sara Chatwin, has uncovered the top occasions for maximum, minimal or a more natural display of cleavage.


Chief Merchandising Officer at the Bendon Group and pioneer in product development, Scott Di Cristina said about the study, “We found that over two thirds (68%) of Kiwi women own a cleavage-enhancing bra, but it’s the level of cleavage a woman displays that can make or break a situation.

“Our aim was to reveal New Zealand’s perceptions on what occasions they deem appropriate to display and minimise cleavage and therefore provide Kiwi women with the Cleavagely Correct Guide.

This will enable them to confidently customise their cleavage to suit the occasion, especially in the lead up to the festive season.” Mr Di Cristina continued.
It appears that acceptable occasions to enhance your cleavage in order to flaunt it, as voted by New Zealanders, are:

•                At a nightclub (80%)
•                On a first date (69%)
•                When encountering an ex partner (66%)
•                Ranking equal fourth, are weddings and work Christmas parties (59%)

Situations suited to a more natural look include:

•                Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time (82%)
•                Followed closely by the first day a new job (81%)
•                A job interview with a male potential boss (75%)
•                Family events (71%)


Chatwin continues, “I was interested to see how cleavagely confident we Kiwi sisters are, with one in five admitting that there are times when they use their cleavage to get what they want, and over half (57%) of us enhancing our cleavage to attract attention!”

“More importantly, that we are more confident in these instances when compared to our Aussie counterparts (only 47%).”

The workplace is a different occasion, with more than three quarters (76%) believing less is more and therefore preferring to be modest whilst in the office or at meetings.  However, at the work Christmas party women are likely to show more cleavage.

Not surprisingly men and women disagree on occasion and the Pleasure State My Fit Cleavagely Correct study found that 41% of men thought it appropriate for women to display at least some cleavage at a family get together in comparison to just 17% of females.

Women from the North Island are more likely to agree (21%) that there are times when they use their cleavage to get what they want where compared to the South Island (16%). 

Watch out North Island men!

Whether it’s creating a more natural, customised or enhanced look – the My Fit range from Pleasure State has the perfect bra for the ideal silhouette.



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