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About FashioNZ


About FashioNZ

FashioNZ Taking New Zealand Fashion to the World

FashioNZ is the cluster site for the NZ Fashion industry. It brings together all types of fashion businesses from designers and retailers to modelling agencies and industry services. Editorially it promotes fashion products, news, and events – in fact everything that is hot in New Zealand fashion. 

Our weekly Fashion Report has more than 38,000 subscribers*

Who are FashioNZ viewers?

Our readers consist of people within the fashion industry itself and mostly female shoppers. Over half of our viewers are in the high shopping bracket of 15 - 35 years old.


FashioNZ is the NZ Fashion Industry online, so if you are part of the industry you need to be part of FashioNZ. We offer a wide range of packages to suit all fashion businesses – do join us!

*November 2015