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Q: How do I find a designer, label or store that I’m interested in?

A: try our Designer’s section (www.fashionz.co.nz/designers), shopping section (www.fashionz.co.nz/shopping) or use our Eurekster search engine on the right hand sidebar of every page on FashioNZ to search for any fashion related topic you are interested in.


Q: How do I get featured in the Fashion Report?

A: All businesses with websites on FashioNZ will periodically get featured in our Weekly Fashion Report when they update their websites each season or do something that is especially newsworthy. If you do not have a website on FashioNZ have your PR agent contact us at info@fashionz.co.nz or if you are interested in advertising in our Weekly Fashion Report visit our Advertising section here (http://www.fashionz.co.nz/about-us/websitepackages.html)

Q: I am interested in getting a job in the fashion Industry – where do I start?

A: Our Industry Section is a good place to start! Check it out here: (http://www.fashionz.co.nz/jobs.html)

Q: What important Fashion Events are happening this year?

A: Check out our events section (http://www.fashionz.co.nz/events-3.html)


Q: Am I eligible to enter the competitions?

A: Competitions are open to all New Zealand residents, they are not open to overseas residents, unless otherwise stated on the individual competition page.


Q: How do I Signup for FREE weekly fashion report?

A: It's simple! Sign up with Join page (http://www.fashionz.co.nz/component/comprofiler/registers.html). Fill out all correct details and you will receive an authorization email to confirm your subscription.


Q) I haven't received my authorization email?

A: Check your Junk email folder. If you still haven't received it, let us know by emailing us at info@fashionz.co.nz



Q) Who created the FashioNZ site?


A: The FashioNZ site design and branding was created by Anna Coe. 

Anything more you would like to know contact us on info@fashionz.co.nz