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Doosh - New Zealand Streetwear Fashion, Designer and Label


Summer 11/12
Very Superstitious


The runes, tea leaves, crystal balls, tarot cards and fortune cookies have all predicted a long summer of style with the Doosh collection Very Superstitious. Taking inspiration from virtues, astrology, mythology and ancient religions, New Zealand’s much loved urban label offers a seasonal selection of pretty, interesting and unique garments.


“Destiny plays a part in the lives of all Doosh garments,” says designer and general manager of Urban Creative, Theresa Brady. “So many strange and curious things have happened over Doosh’s fifteen year history, most of them can’t be marked up to chance,” she says.  “so everything indicates that while you may not find it written in the stars or a weekly horoscope, you are fated to love this range,” she laughs.


What goes around comes around, and with items such as the Maya, Karma and Seraphina dresses, able to effortlessly transform a casual wardrobe and create the illusion of a down-to-earth ethereal beauty or fallen angel.  Divine dresses fit for a modern goddess feature bold geometric prints and splashes of purple and magenta; a slender silhouette with drapery, and contrasting fabrics and colours flatter the female form.


When the planets align with this range; the Scorpio Dress beholding a Starburst print which is featured throughout, the heavenly Gemini and Aries dresses will undoubtedly bring you celestial happiness and are suitable for any sign of the zodiac.


Got dejavu? That’s because the most popular styles of previous seasons return to the collection after a makeover, and yes, that means Toby pants are back – and they brought two kinds of Toby shorts with them!  

Doosh Guys carries the same tone as the Girls range, practical, wearable casual-cool street wear, with a trace of intrigue. Symbols are throughout the range, with good omens and mystical symbols depicted in tee prints; the Zeus jacket ready to instil a Godly mindset upon anyone, and the superstitious sartorialist will know already that the Doosh Very Superstitious collection is destined to be in your wardrobe this summer.



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