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From the Editor: 14 January 2014

For those whose holiday came to an end last week - Welcome Back!

This first week back is always the hardest. Trust me – I spent last week wandering around the office looking a little dazed and confused, which is weird as I did ‘nothing’ while I was on my break.

Okay, maybe not literally nothing, that sounds like I spent all my days in my PJ’s catching up on programmes I’ve series linked on MYSKY.

Actually, I did, in fact, put my time to good use by reorgainsing the pantry, had a spending spree at Bunnings to make a dent in some vouchers gifted at Christmas as well as digging a few holes for plants which should have gone in the ground a month ago – tick!

So, overall not the most exciting of holidays but, hey, I enjoyed my time off just the same.

How about you? Did you go overseas or spend your days at one of the gorgeous holiday spots this beautiful country has to offer?

Perhaps, you’re also in the running for the most boring but enjoyable holiday ever, like me!

Either way, I’d love for you to ‘share’ One of the best things about your summer holiday below.

It’s nice to have you back and I look forward to another fashion-filled year!

Take care

Petrina xx