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From the Editor: 15 April 2014

I think that next week I am one of the few people who is working though between the rare event that has occurred this year with long weekends.

Taking three days off, plus the public holidays and weekends over the period is giving about 90% of my co-workers a nice 10 day break... I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out sooner!

And I know there will be a few media peole out there who will be feeling a fashion hangover right now after the three massive fashion events of the past last couple of weeks.

It all started with iD Dunedin, then Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which was held in Sydney last week, and finally Wellington Fashion Week which finished over the weekend!

I’ve still got articles to load and images to source; it was just impossible to fit everything into todays Fashion Report. So, please keep checking the site throughout the week.

And if you are heading away over the Easter or the ANZAC break, have fun, be safe and enjoy the long weekends.

Till next time,

Petrina xx