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Mossée is an emerging Australian label launched in 2008 that continually drives for the ultimate balance in fashion, simple, chic and elegant. Our clothing collections are naturally like a stylish second layer of skin, perfect for work, travel or even a-night-out.



The designers at Mossée are intent to lead the way forward, and offer a unique approach to design. Embracing the highest standards of quality in the use of organic fabrics help differentiate Mossée from other designers, placing them in a niche market, delivering eco-sustainable womenswear.


From a small Sydney office, the business has grown from strength to strength. Today, Mossée  is available nation-wide in both Australia and New Zealand.

It’s about effortless dressing, fluid fabrics and simple sophisticated items that co-ordinate to make the perfect wardrobe.
It’s about embodying luxurious comfort and confidence in quality pieces that go the distance.
It’s about designing practical timeless pieces for people with normal everyday lives.
It’s about a combination of essentials and layering to complete a stylish, comfortable and fashionable look.
For work, travel and at home with a touch of modern glamour – clothes that travel with you in comfort for all occasions.

Email: enquiry@mossee.com Website: http://www.mossee.com
Phone: 0508 522 522