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Workshop Denim


Winter 2014

Workshop Denim’s Winter 14 collection remains true to the brand’s rich heritage of premium quality fabrics, authentic denim and exclusively designed prints.

For Winter 14 Workshop utilises a traditional natural indigo dying technique celebrating an artisanal and hand crafted process reflecting the heritage and ethos of the Workshop brand. The beauty of the pieces is in the juxtaposition of the traditional, hand crafted fabric and Workshop’s clean modern styling.

The styles are minimal and timeless featuring long and short sleeve shirts for men, shift and sheath dresses for women and mens and womens tee’s. Subtle details from each style fuse together clean modern lines with gentle references to the fabric’s natural beauty and unique artisanal quality.

Particular attention to technical details and construction throughout outerwear pieces in the collections such as the Technical Anorak, Technical Bomber Jacket, Loft Vest and Ergo Pocket Workshirt further enforce the brand’s workwear heritage and roots.

Classic denim, including selvedge for both men and women, is paired with luxuriously soft cashmere, mohair and merino blend knitwear in bright hues of cobalt, mint and pink as well as classic navy stripes and silver marles.

WORKSHOP VULCAN LANE Cnr Vulcan & High Street 09 303 3735

WORKSHOP NEWMARKET 18 Morrow Street 09 524 6844

WORKSHOP WELLINGTON Cnr Customhouse Quay & Hunter 04 499 9010

WORKSHOP CHRISTCHURCH Re:START, 98 Cashel Mall 03 379 7305

WORKSHOP PONSONBY 74 Mackelvie Street 09 361 3727


18 Morrow Street, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: rcm@rcm.co.nz Website: http://www.workshop.co.nz
Phone: 09 304 0440