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Caroline Moore



Despite the recent passing of Caroline Moore, the Christchurch based leather fashion label is still going strong and introduces its latest collection, Ouroborous, the symbol of the snake eating its own tail, and is representative of cyclicality and eternal return.



Classically inspired but with a serious infusion of fresh character, the soft, pliable and beautifully cut leather range takes on a fresh character with highlights of fuchsia and turquoise.



Pleated skirts and stretch leather pants offer something romantic, sleek and chic for ultimate wearability off or on the catwalk.


How to care for your leather


OK, you know not to toss your leather apparel in the washing machine! But now it's time to get technical:


Don't store leather in a plastic garment bag! It can't breathe. Opt for a cloth cover instead.

If you absolutely must iron the item, set the iron on the lowest setting. Don't use steam! Place a heavy brown wrapping paper (or grocery bag) on the right side of the garment between the garment and the iron. Quickly iron using a light hand. Avoid overheating!
Keep the item on a broad, sturdy hanger so it keeps its shape.
If the garment becomes wet, let it dry naturally. Avoid extreme heat or humidity that may damage the skin's natural oils.
Clean smooth leathers with a damp cloth.

Regularly brush suedes and nubuck.


Trade Enquiries

Caroline Moore
Frenzi Holdings
PO Box 12-122
Mobile: +64 27 232 1679

For media enquiries please phone Coco PR on (09) 815 5040 E: miranda@cocopr.co.nz


48 Battersea Street Christchurch New Zealand
Email: carolinemoore@xtra.co.nz Website: http://www.carolinemoore.co.nz
Contact Person: Miranda
Phone: 03 366 5975
Fax: 03 366 7316