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Kagi Jewellery Summer 2014


Kat Gee, designer and founder of Kagi, is excited to launch her new Summer 2014 collection inspired by jewellery over the ages – from ancient lucky coins, Grecian goddesses and Russian Fabergé eggs.


Jewellery has come in many forms and evokes emotional connections.

Kãgi Summer is a journey of discovery that explores this unique relationship.




Dahlia Collection

Flowers always make the perfect spring statement!


Dahlia’s traditionally represent joy and Kagi’s new spring collection marks an exciting start to the season! “Nothing beats a fresh bunch of spring blooms and when I wear my Pearl Dahlia designs I feel like I’m carrying this little piece of sunshine everywhere I go” says Kagi head designer Kat Gee.


Kagi’s new Pearl DAHLIA designs, like their namesakes, are truly unique as each piece features a real cultured pearl nestled in its centre. Hand selected each pearl takes up to six years to grow
and the lustre of these pearls is simply incredible.

The Dahlia Collection includes a Pendant ($99) on Pearl Superfine Necklace ($109), a Dahlia Charm ($59) with Cream Bud Charm ($59) on a Cream Pearl Bracelet ($59), Stud Earrings ($69) and a Pearl Dahlia Ring ($59) - three sizes available S, M, L in Rhodium.

Constellation Collection

Kagi’s new CONSTELLATION Collection is inspired by the vast universe.


It embodies the very essence of anything is possible; the sky is the limit and is a perfect way to add a touch of infinite glamour and sparkle every day. Featuring handset Cubic Zirconia’s in clusters of stars, and orbital spheres, these designs are available in either Rhodium or 9k Rose Gold plate.



Designer Kat was inspired by night sky and its never ending patchwork of stars with this exquisite range; “As I look to the sky I realise that in an infinite universe anything is possible. This cosmos inspired collection is about embracing the power of the universe and aiming for the stars!” says Kagi head designer Kat Gee.

The range includes a Kagi’s first ever couture inspired piece, a reversible décolletage decorative necklace $399 (limited edition, 100 made only). It also includes a matching Constellation Pendant ($159), Bracelet ($159), Drop Earrings ($109) and Ring (three sizes available S, M, L) ($135).



Imperial Collection

Kagi’s new IMPERIAL range seeks inspiration from the world renowned, intricate Fabergé Eggs, which were first crafted in the late 1800’s for the Russian Royal Family. Each design features intricate Art Noveau inspired filigree - “Classic and elegant, these designs add a touch of regal sophistication to your every look, why not be the queen of your life every day?” says Kat.


You don’t need to be a queen or princess to reign queen supreme of your own life, and enjoy royal jewellery.

The showcase large Imperial Pendants in both Rhodium and Rose Gold Tones include 412 handset cubic zirconia’s in each piece ($159) and are perfect to mix and match with numerous necklace options. Matching Imperial Earring Drops each contain 292 handset cubic zirconia’s per pair ($125) and elegantly adorn Smooth or Luxe Hoops.

Athena Colleciton

Inspired by the goddesses, Kagi’s Athena collection encourages you to be your own, everyday goddess. Athena was the Grecian goddess of beauty and wisdom, and Kagi’s ATHENA PEARLS Collection combines gold with real cultured pearls. “Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess.


Athena is my favourite goddess as she represents both beauty and wisdom” says Kagi head designer Kat Gee.


Also in Greek mythology, Medusa was the protectress of the oceans and gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. Medusa was given to the goddess Athena to place on her shield to avert evil and protect her from harm.


As a nod to Medusa’s protecting powers, the Athena collection also includes a golden Medusa Necklace from which any one of Kagi’s beautiful pendants collection can be showcased.

Athena includes a Pearl Bracelet with gold clasp ($135) and matching Athena includes a Pearl Bracelet with gold clasp ($135) and matching Bud Pendant $89. A Pearl Necklace with gold clasp ($199).


Gold and Cream Pearl Earring Drops ($79) to wear on either Smooth or Luxe Hoops, a Gold Goddess Bracelet ($125) and matching 49cm Gold Goddess Necklace ($175) and a Gold Medusa 49cm Necklace ($199).
2014 Collection



Three Wishes Collection


For hundreds of years people have worn lucky coins as talismans for good luck given to them by loved ones. It’s a Celtic belief that on a full moon, any silver coins you possess should be turned over and you can make a wish, thus Kagi’s THREE WISHES collection centres around beautiful coin shaped embellished discs.


Each pave disc design contains numerous hand set Cubic Zirconia’s with the reverse engraved with ‘DREAM, LOVE, SHINE’. “These designs can be carried with us every day, to remind us to DREAM big, LOVE like we’re never been hurt, and SHINE” explains Kat.


Three wishes makes the perfect Christmas gift as the collection symbolises good luck, and embodies the concept of loving the receiver to the moon and back.


The collection includes a Three Wishes Ring ($125) (three sizes available S, M, L), a delicate chain Bracelet ($125), Necklace Pendant ($109), Silver Sparkle Luxe Bangle ($149) and Three Wishes Earring Drops ($109) to wear on either Smooth or Luxe Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold, Gold and long lasting Rhodium tones.

The Spectrum Collection


This summer, colour your world with SPECTRUM! Why blend in when you can stand out this summer!?


Add some fun and colour to your life with this vibrant fun, festive and bright range! Perfect for glamming it up at the Christmas party, spicing up your Summer BBQ or ringing in the New Year on a high note!

Expanding on the bestselling Spectrum Necklace and Love Burst Pendant, the collection includes a Spectrum Bracelet $69, 88cm Necklace ($229), Bud Pendant ($89) and Trinity Large Cross Pendant ($169) and makes for easy accessorising as they go with everything! Be bold, be bright and have fun this summer.

To find your nearest stockist visit www.kagi.net


Email: customercare@kagi.net Website: http://www.kagi.net
Phone: 0800 GO KAGI (46 5244)