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Andrea Moore


Northern Lights A/W

Walking through a dark Nordic wood, follow the footprints in the snow and emerge into a world of hidden secrets and strange metamorphoses. Princesses are turned into swans, foals are princes in disguise, and the Northern Lights illuminate shadowy depths.

“Scandinavia was a real inspiration this season,” explains Andrea Moore. “They have a tradition of mysterious stories and enchanted animals, quite Gothic and arcane, contrasted with a design aesthetic of such pure simplicity. And of course the whole region is so beautiful in winter.”

Silhouettes are crisp and clean, sparkling with drops of ice captured inside Swarovski crystals. Ruffles add drama and easy glamour.

The focus is on the waist and the graceful curve of the back, accentuated with the swoop of a zip featuring a romantic gold swan or silver deer.

Capes, coats and bomber jackets envelop in soft drapes. Sporty grey marle sweatshirts are contrasted with star-struck silks. Bright houndstooth camouflages the modern hunter. A new stable of statement pants is introduced along with impeccably cut jeans in the finest Japanese denim, a signature horse prancing on the back pocket.

Deep oranges and intense blues, rich reds and Gothic blacks with flashes of citrine are offset by baroque, lavishly textured metallics. Nature is re-imagined in Scandinavian geometrics, kaleidoscopic digital prints from Japan, custom-made Italian hardware, and coloured laces and floral jacquards from France.

Dark and light, masculine and feminine, every day and otherworldly: create your own fable this winter.

Check out Andrea Moore online: www.andreamooreboutique.com
and on Facebook

120 Ponsonby Road Auckland New Zealand
Email: brian@andreamoore.co.nz Website: http://www.andreamooreboutique.com