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Summer 2014

This season Calliope S14 encapsulates all it is to be a city woman but gives the wearer an eclectic twist to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Modern femininity is embraced with new calf length skirts in gossamer sheer or sharp metallic pleats. These are set to a backdrop of light summer weight bomber jackets.

The female figure is embraced with an elegant lace shift dress in a metallic champagne hue or alternatively in studded sheer black for the evening.

Cool handle knitwear with a rich glossy texture is toughened up with leather pockets and biker pants. A beautiful Monet like print is capitalised on in our best-selling moto pant and a simple straight skirt.

Get excited... Calliope S14 is about to take you on a tantalising journey.

26 Clarence Street, Devonport Auckland New Zealand
Email: info@calliope.net.nz Website: http://www.calliope.net.nz
Phone: 09 445 3356
Fax: 09 445 6192