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Caroline Sills



Winter 2014



The opulent styling in Caroline Sills provides the wearer with an erudite collection.

Luxurious cashmere in the finest grade, a trade mark that keeps the partisans coming back season after season. Wrap yourself in the gentle hues of driftwood and powder blue or indulge in the accent colours of tomato and citrine.

Jackets are a crucial aspect of this winter 14 collection. Generous, oversized collars and cuffs envelope the wearer and are complimented with a pant with a fitted profile.

Caroline Sills devotees have come to expect the collections to exceed in all areas, styling, colour and quality. Winter 14 answers all this criteria and will not disappoint!

26 Clarence Street, Devonport Auckland New Zealand
Email: info@carolinesills.co.nz Website: http://www.carolinesills.co.nz
Phone: 09 445 3356
Fax: 09 445 6192