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Myths & Legends is the new collection from jewellery designer Charlotte Penman. Inspired by her love of classical history, she has based the range around female deities of Ancient Greece.


These mythological heroines are strong archetypes; whose essence can be explored, admired and considered in relation to what it means to be a woman in modern times. Thus giving strength to the everyday woman.



The range, as you would expect has a timeless quality. With standout pieces such as the Aphrodite and Artemis Chandeliers, a striking frame for any modern day goddess. There is also a lovely selection of simple and classic pieces for more casual wear.


A selection of gemstones, such as, soft pink morganite, peridot and topaz, among others gives the collection an appealing colour aspect, seen alongside beautiful charms and chains.

All jewellery is designed by Charlotte Penman in her Auckland studio and handcrafted from sterling silver, rolled gold and 18k gold plate, combined with semi precious gemstones and pearls.


PO Box 147 348, Ponsonby Auckland New Zealand
Email: info@charlottepenman.com Website: http://www.charlottepenman.com
Phone: 021 745 039