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Claire Barker


Claire is a proud, New Zealand citizen having lived here in New Zealand for the past fourteen years and is one of our latest high profile fashion designers although she was born and raised in Shanghai China.


With a retail shop in O’Connell Street, located in the heart of the fashion district of Auckland City, Claire Barker opened her flagship store 5 years ago; featuring her own designs under the original brand name Anouk although this has since been re-branded to the eponymous “Claire Barker”.

Much like Claire herself, her clothes are a little eclectic, supremely feminine and elegant, not to mention subtly sexy. Remarkably, her clothes are also very affordable, without her having to make compromises on the quality of her clothes or dimming her commitment to style.

Claire was initially an unashamed clothes “Shopaholic” but was dismayed that there seemed to be a lack of choice between chain store brands and expensive high fashion, she was and remains determined to fill that gap.

Her mission statement is to create exclusive designer garments made from the finest printed silks and chiffons, woolens from the finest cashmere and angora hair weaves designed in the most elegant classic feminine styles while maintaining their affordability.

For younger maidens or anyone savvy, the more affordable range CB has many stunning looks. Symbiotic with Claire Barker but with a more casual flair, CB caters for an everyday siren with her feet firmly ashore.


3a O’Connell Street Auckland New Zealand
Email: info@clairebarker.co.nz Website: http://www.clairebarker.co.nz
Phone: 09 309 3331