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“A modern interpretation of the New Zealand style”

Modern sculptured silhouettes and soft feminine lines in layers of fresh colour and print convey the spirit of this season’s collection

100% proudly New Zealand made in a superior level of finish.

High quality fabrics, challenging pattern making and experimental techniques are another example of the dedication towards enduring the nature and longevity of the brand.

Sakaguchi Spring / Summer 2014/15

Strong tailored shapes, modern sculptured silhouettes and soft feminine lines lend themselves to uncomplicated layering pieces to create a distinctive sophisticated Sakaguchi elegance.

Black is on trend this season combining a pallet of cool greys and bright whites to create soft tonal layers. Airy silks, translucent organza’s and interesting fibre mixes have been merged together with weightless washes of colour for added intensity and lustre.

The classic suit has been reworked for summer in pop oranges and ultra blues combining the use of abstract prints and miss matched stripes to add a bold graphic interest

Sophisticated elegance and timeless styling that will transcend throughout the seasons.

Available in sizes 8 – 24

For more information visit www.sakaguchi.co.nz.

Spring / Summer 2014/15

The T label, a second diffusion of the Sakaguchi label reflects a minimalist approach of simplistic styling with it a chic sophisticated twist.

Calm monochrome tones are key or you could opt for a more playful pallet of tropical colours for a full on colour statement.

A variety of soft jersey knits and sheer chiffons have been cleverly cut in oversized pieces and long hemlines to be draped, wrapped and effortlessly layered to create a distinctively unique and edgy T style.

Available in sizes from 8 – 24

For more information visit www.sakaguchi.co.nz.

380 Street, Asaph Street Christchurch New Zealand
Email: sandy@sakaguchi.co.nz or info@sakaguchi.co.nz Website: http://www.sakaguchi.co.nz
Phone: 03 377 2951
Fax: 03 377 295