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Winter 2014

Strict guidelines are adhered for winter 14 which entail regimented simple shapes to provide polished foundations to your wardrobe.

Sills takes essential shapes for a winter wardrobe and exhibits it in such a way that its only interpretation is sophisticated elegance.

The Sills collections 100% merino knitwear is offered in a searing colour palette of burnt orange and bougainvillea which is balanced with navy and stone. Double rib crew necks skim the body while the relaxed weekend v is a gentle alternative.

Spots liven things up in our ultra-soft verve yarn. Spliced with georgette the verve knitwear adds an exciting element that is perfect for trans-seasonal dressing.

26 Clarence Street, Devonport Auckland New Zealand
Email: info@carolinesills.co.nz Website: http://www.sills.co.nz
Phone: 09 445 3356
Fax: 09 445 6192