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Darling Decades - Winter 2014 Collection

State of Grace's Winter 2014 collection takes its cues and inspiration from evocative bygone fashion eras to create a blended beauty it calls the Darling Decades.

Memories of eras past seep through the range influencing its silhouettes. A fresh take on a masculine tuxedo jacket and shirt is re-imagined in a softer form. Dresses incorporate the vintage feel of nipped in waists and suggestive necklines. A curving front yoke detail and contrasting leather inserts feature strongly across the range.



Darling Decades is defined by its opulent fabrics with metallic threads and lush velvet textures, structured felted wools and leather panelling.  

Winter’s colour palette features rich hues of cobalt blue and rusty Merlot reds contrasting with the softest pinks. This is represented in a signature graphic rose print of autumn shades.

In the true spirit of State of Grace's effortlessly elegant style, Darling Decades makes an enduring statement for the cooler months ahead.



509 New North Road, Kingsland Auckland New Zealand
Email: mail@stateofgrace.co.nz Website: http://www.stateofgrace.co.nz
Phone: 09 8464 333
Fax: 09 8464 337