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The Bikini Trail Part II...


Tigerlily’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection takes us on a journey along ‘The Bikini Trail’ to captivating bohemian enclaves that frame the Mediterranean Sea. 




In the eternal search for unique textiles and distinguishable prints, Tigerlily has adventured to richly historic and eclectic locations in France, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Morocco.



“From our experience on the trail we insist your adventures wouldn’t be complete without an endless supply of bikinis, each bursting with their own personality, and of course brightly printed dresses, gauzy/sheer mumus and rustic beach accessories,” says Head Designer Amelia Stanley.



Reminiscent of the liberal sunbathers in St Tropez to the gypsy teepee dwellers in Ibiza, Tigerlily’s signature prints vary from classic Mediterranean coastal block prints and paisleys to organic interweaving floras, earthy textured animal prints and zig zag Shibori in inky blues.




Follow Tigerlily’s path to salt, sand and sun with a suitcase full of luxe textured swimwear, relaxed wrap maxis and lively beach onesies.



Tigerlily New Market, 22 Osborne Street, New Market, Auckland
ph: 09 529 0172
email: 1519mgmt1@amazonsurf.co.nz

Tigerlily The Department Store, Level 3, 10 Northcroft Street, Takapuna
ph: 09 950 2865
email: topup@thedepartmentstore.co.nz

22 Osborne Street, New Market, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: 1519mgmt1@amazonsurf.co.nz Website: http://www.tigerlilyswimwear.com.au
Phone: 09 529 0172