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'Belle de jour'
Tigerlily Autumn/Winter 2014


Tigerlily’s Autumn Winter 2014 collection ‘Belle De Jour’ explores the decadent world of perfume that will surely ignite the senses.



Sourcing inspiration in beauty & history from around the globe, Tigerlily continue to translate ideas from world-travels into modern textiles with a bohemian-chic femininity.

For the ‘Belle De Jour’ collection, Tigerlily embraces their love of all things French as designer Amelia Stanley once again returned to France for this season foraging through provinces in search of new inspiration. Belle De Jour, meaning ‘beautiful day’ resonated with Tigerlily given their focus on daywear for the Autumn Winter 2014 collection.

Paris in the 18th Century was at the centre of perfume trade and the small town of Grasse was the capital of production with rare scents from the Grasse lavender, myrtle, jasmine, rose, orange blossom and wild mimosa.




“We were drawn to the concept of the fragrance wheel for this seasons colour and print inspiration, we fell in love with the notion of fragrance notes at opposite ends of the wheel, contrasting yet complimentary to each other.” Amelia says.

The Tigerlily Design team loved the idea of the ‘Indienne’ patchwork made up of three conflicting repeat, scale and colour prints based on the notion of French “indienne” textiles. From their findings they discovered that Louis the XIV implemented a ban on textiles imports from the east such as Indian Chintz in order to promote the growth of their own textile industry in France. This lead to the French’s take on Indian block prints now recognised as “Indienne” textiles consisting of many print designs, from petite to dramatic, with fruits, florals, paisleys and geometrics.

Featuring floating patchwork dresses, Chunky knits with Greco-Roman geometric patterns & renaissance floral onesies, The ‘Belle Du Jour’ collection features essential additions for those with a relaxed, bohemian style.



Tigerlily New Market, 22 Osborne Street, New Market, Auckland
ph: 09 529 0172
email: 1519mgmt1@amazonsurf.co.nz

Tigerlily The Department Store, Level 3, 10 Northcroft Street, Takapuna
ph: 09 950 2865
email: topup@thedepartmentstore.co.nz

22 Osborne Street, New Market, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: 1519mgmt1@amazonsurf.co.nz Website: http://www.tigerlilyswimwear.com.au
Phone: 09 529 0172