Hair Guru Answers your questions

Hair Guru Answers your questions

FashioNZ's new Hair Guru, George Love, answers your questions….

Hi George 

I've had an A-line cut for the past year or two. My natural hair colour is dark brown-black.

I am wanting a change in style and cut what ideas would you have?”


Hi Kirsten,

Sometimes just adding a soft fringe that sweeps to the side can distract the eye from your A line cut.

I would soften it up with some long layers to create softness around the bottom.

You didn’t mention how thick your hair is but this is an important factor when you are choosing a new style.

If you have really thick hair, I would recommend thinning it out a bit to help it sit better.

Book a consultation with your local salon and listen carefully to their recommendation because if this is not done correctly, thinning could make the hair boofy.

If you have finer hair, I would add heavier layers through the hair and shorter layers around your face to frame it nicely. 

In terms of colour, if you have really dark hair, I wouldn’t recommend that you dramatically lighten it.

You can soften your style by adding warmth with a nice violet or warm red tone.


Hi George 

Can you give me some tips for curling my hair with ghds please?  

With practice I've got the hang of winding my hair around the barrel and achieving a good curl, but it won't stay and drops out immediately – which product(s) do I need to use to retain the curl?”


Hi Sally,

Goldwell  Twist Around, from the brand new Styleshine range is perfect for your hair.

Even if you have extremely straight hair, the curl will hold well.

The Twist Around product also has a built in heat protector which is kind to your colour and means that you don’t have to use your usual thermal protector as well.

The best way to use this is to spray the product onto each individual section of dry hair, and it will help hold your hair in a really good curl.

Another tip I often suggest is that if your hair is really thick, you need to curl it in smaller sections.

This means that the heat will get through the hair properly and the curl will set a lot better.

This will take longer, but the results will be worth it. 


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