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Hair Guru Answers your Questions

Hair Guru Answers your Questions

FashioNZ's new Hair Guru, George Love, answers your questions....

How can I make my hair grow faster? No matter what I try nothing seems to help it grow and I'm tired of it! I don't straighten it anymore, I try not to blow-dry it. I just don't know what else to try! Help me please!


Hi Kelly,

The best technique for promoting hair growth is to stimulate the hair follicle. There are a couple of ways of doing this: the old fashioned scalp massage which could be a lot of fun if you ask your partner to do this for you, or if they aren’t so keen, you can do this yourself.

The other way is to use a good paddle brush which will help stimulate your hair follicles and get rid of all the dead hair which will help promote hair growth.


I have extremely thick wiry hair which I straighten (with ghd's) quite often. What is the best split ends treatment? Also which shampoo would you recommend?


Hi Melanie,

I would recommend a Goldwell treatment called Inner Effect which will help repair the split ends and smooth the hair cuticle down. Make sure that you are having regular trims every 6 weeks as this helps strengthen the hair and reduces split ends.

Inner Effect

If you are using GHDs a lot, the best protector is KMS colorvitality shine and shield. Apply this through your hair as this will protect it from the heat of the straightener and also give hair a great shine. The shampoo that I would recommend is KMS flatout shampoo because this helps control unruly, thick hair without making it greasy. 

Flat out


I am 23 and have thick hair that goes down to just below my shoulder blades. I want my hair to be thinner, layered and easier to style but I have heard of some bad ways to thin hair. What is my best option for thinning my hair?


Hi Amanda,

Your best option is to find a really good stylist who will listen to what you want to do with your look. My advice is to book in for a consultation, and don’ get your hair done on the same day, because you will want to go away and think about what they have said. 

A good stylist will be happy to reschedule you for another day and will give you a couple of good options on how to thin your hair. If you don’t like what they are saying, find someone else to do it.  One of the biggest mistakes a stylist can make with thinning the hair, is cutting too far down into the hair. This will actually create bulk and make your hair look thicker and it will be hard to manage.

Another option for you is to use straightening irons so that your hair sits flatter. Make sure you use heat protection every time you put the irons on your hair. A good one to use is KMS colorvitality shine and shield.

Shine and Shield


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