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Trelise Cooper Kids NZFW 2010

Trelise Cooper Kids A/W 2011

NZFW 2010

A Fashion Fairytale


Trelise Cooper Kids show on the final day of New Zealand Fashion Week has got to be one of the shows of the week. Trelise is the master of creating mini me fashion for trendy mums and kids. The collection titled 'A Fashion Fairytale' infused a little extra magic with the addition of the world's most famous fashionista Barbie. Upon entry to the toadstool, windmill filled wonderland of a set, tots were treated to their very own complimentary Barbie or Ken Doll. Everyone received a goodie bag, which I must say has got to be one of the best of the week, containing a cute teddy bear necklace, barbie dvd, bath bomb and chocolates.




Gorgeous little girls came strutting out in frothy confections (typical of Trelise's womens collection) as Beiber had the tweens in the crowd bopping along. Trelise does grown up fashion for kids, but with a taste level that's often lacking with kids wear. All the current trends were accounted for, chiffon ruffles with combat boots and a leather biker jacket, leopard fur coats and military style cropped jackets. Trelise has the perfect outfit for every kind of kid, from traditional florals, and english tartan to little rocker outfits with rara skirts and animal prints.

Trelise truly is the fashion forward kid's fairy godmother. After seeing this heart warming show it's easy to see why parents will spend inordinate amounts to deck their little angels out in the latest kid couture. All I'm left feeling is, how can I get me a kid to spoil?


- Julia Dick


Images c/- Hilary Johnston