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Bid for Novadown designer one-offs





Leading designer down and feather duvet manufacturer Novadown has invited six New Zealand fashion designers to design a one-off statement garment using duvet feathers, down and fabric. The results will be auctioned off on TradeMe every two weeks over the winter, raising money to help dreams come true for children with life threatening diseases through the Make a Wish Foundation.  Fashionz.co.nz takes a peek at what is up for auction, and lets you know when you can bid for a unique piece of fashion...

St Clair Design, Dunedin
$50 reserve, auction runs from August 11th concluding on August 20th in the evening

Dallas Cunningham and Lana Neumegen are the creative talent behind Dunedin’s St Clair Design, creators of stylish women’s apparel. Their submission is a high fashion garment with a strong vintage feel.  “It has an emphasis on combinations of textures, with a double layer style with a net over lay on the bodice, a trademark feature of our designs,” says Cunningham.

Closed Auctions

The Carpenters Daughter
$50 reserve, auction runs from June 2nd concluding on June 11th in the

Creative Director for the Carpenters Daughter, Caroline Marr experimented with proportion for her submission. “We accentuated volume in the hips and bust through padding with feather down, and shoulder pads to resemble a curvier body shape,” she says. “The pads were made in different shades and hand stitched together to resemble the textures of a wing,” she says. “The supplied duvet fabric was hand dyed and used as a contrast to the luxury of satin.”

Amy Jansen-Leen
$50 reserve, auction runs from June 16th concluding on June 25th in the evening

Wellington milliner Amy Jansen-Leen’s hat design for Fashioned Feathers features goose feathers on parisisal and ramie straw, embellished with Swarovski crystals. Her inspiration came from this line of a poem: “something told the geese to go, though the fields lay golden, something whispered snow.”

Jane Diamond

$50 reserve, auction runs from June 30th concluding on July 9th in the evening

Jane’s stunning waistcoat submission for Fashioned Feathers based it on the idea that after a long day you may have the worries of the world in your heart (as demonstrated by the black waistcoat embroidered with leather feathers), but once you let sleep drift from your mind down over your shoulders (like the white feather epaulets), your heart is once again light.

Sheryl May
$50 reserve, auction runs from July 14th concluding on July 24th in the evening

The contribution by Gisborne designer Sheryl May was inspired by her summer 09/10 collection Glamazons; a very tribal-luxe range that accentuates femininity. “I wanted to respect the integrity of the raw materials given to me, the sculptural quality of the fabric and the talisman-like feel of the feathers,” she says.


$50 reserve, auction runs from July 28th concluding on August 6th in the evening

Oyl was launched in 2006 to create clothing that is timeless with a wow factor. Their submission to this auction features a hand dyed dress with a 1920’s feel and straps inlaid with peacock feather quills. “Like Oyl, a peacock is glamour with an edge,” says Oyl co-designer Nicola.

Photography: Robin Smith (robinsmith.co.nz)
Models: Halina and Liz from Red11 (redeleven.net.nz)
Makeup & Hair: Maza White using MAC (mazawhite.com)
Makeup Assistant: Justine Hudson
Location: Georgi Gregg Home, Parnell (georgigregghome.com)
Props: Antiques from Europe (antiquesfromeurope.co.nz), First Scene (firstscene.co.nz), The Warehouse
Thanks to: Coco PR and Helena McAlpine (cocopr.co.nz)