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Raceday tips from the Lindauer Style Ambassador: Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Lindauer Style Ambassador Colin Mathura-Jeffree five raceday tips.


Socialising, fashion and racing go hand-in-hand and there’s no better occasion to enjoy it than at the races!


To bring colour to the fashion-in-the-field experience, the impeccable Colin Mathura-Jeffree returns this year as the official Lindauer Style Ambassador, helping to raise the stakes for those wanting to be crowned best dressed at the races.

Before you get the girls together to plan your raceday ensembles, take heed from Lindauer’s style guru who will ensure you put your best foot forward on the day.

Five unavoidable tips, all starting with the letter ‘C’, like the fabulous man himself!

Colour – Do not be afraid of colour. A day at the races is an occasion and a rare opportunity to be outlandish with it! Step out of your comfort zone, but remember to be current! While this is your chance to be flamboyant and fashionable, avoid tragic trends and steer clear of eighties apparel. But equally, avoid too much black. The person wearing black will give the impression they are going to a funeral straight after races!

Camilla Parker Bowles – The Duchess of Cornwall set the standard at Flemington on Melbourne Cup Day with a fabulous textured Phillip Treacy creation. The latest in a long list of raceday style icons, look to her for outfit inspiration!

Contemporary – The moment people say, “Only fascinators are in,” or “Only wide-brimmed hats are in,” you can be almost certain they are referring to last season, so be one step ahead by being original. Your job on the day is to have your own theme and your own idea that will justify your look. But please, don’t take yourself too seriously! Creating your raceday look should be all part of the fun – think high fashion. Be the King or the Queen of the ball and bring a look to New Zealand Cup Week that is original now, and that everyone will enjoy!

Charm – You must always be charming and hold yourself together. Enjoy the Lindauer, but don’t overindulge with food and alcohol and ensure you stay hydrated with plenty of water. Have fun by acting like that sophisticated movie star you look and feel like! Overindulging means you miss part of the day and you want to enjoy it 100 percent.

Coordinate – Racewear evokes ensemble styling – you are creating a complete look with each piece working with the others. If there was ever a time to be at your most ladylike, this is it! From the hair, to the hat, bag, gloves and shoes – it’s time to get coordinating! This is a wonderful opportunity to channel your inner fashionista, so set an early alarm, rise early to get ready and make the most of your day the track.

New Zealand Cup & Show Week, hosted by Addington Raceway and Riccarton Park Racecourse, is happening between 10 - 17 November 2012.

The perfect opportunity to spend time with the girls.


Image: Ellerslie Racecourse