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Introducing: Mr. W & Me


If you love shoes then you need to take a look at Mr W & Me, a newly launched, online boutique which has a range of shoes that are not only contemporary and unique, but are affordable too!


Retailing for under $149.99, the footwear from Mr W & Me is made from leather, with an offering of sandals, loafers to boots and brogues, the small but stylish collection is a modern selection of styles.


Here are two of our favourite summer styles from Mr W & Me!


Decent Exposure Sandal $124.99

The Decent Exposure Sandal, has all the makings for the perfect summer shoe. Clean lines, combined with a flash of silver and the jagged rubber sole, looks fresh and modern.


Second Glance brouges $134.99

The Second Glance leather brogues are super stylish. Available in black or white, they are intentionally laceless so these can be slipped on and off without fuss, ready for anything.

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