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Saben collaborates with Whitecliffe graduate Madeleine Harman

Whitecliffe student Madeleine Harman showed her graduate collection at the Whitecliffe show on Saturday, showcasing a bag that she designed in partnership with Saben.
Selected as winner of the Saben/Whitecliffe Design Collaboration, Madeleine brought forward her collection and ideas working with Roanne and Sherna from Saben to design a piece that resonated with her collection narrative.  

Harman took a novel approach to the design and shed handbag function right back to the core –taking her design inspiration from a classic paper bag.


Brilliantly executed in a bone, painterly textured leather and lined with a crisp white suede. Like the rest of her collection the bag blurs the line between fashion and art.


This young designer has fashion down to the Bone.