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Talented 19 year-old primed to be the Ruby Frost of fashion



With pink hair like Ruby Frost and design-edge reminiscent of Stolen Girlfriends Club, Auckland fashion student Kim Neilson graduates this week with a Diploma from NZ Fashion Tech, bringing a collection to the graduate catwalk show that turned heads.

Describing her black chiffon and blue floral collection as “mystic”, Kim says she was inspired by themes of forests and fairies. “I wanted it to be dark and mysterious, but still pretty,” she says. The ruffled floral mini dress drew praise from industry guests at NZ Fashion Tech’s annual graduate show which was attended by fashion luminaries like Liz Mitchell and Doris du Pont.

Kim’s interest in fashion began amongst the tulle and sequins of her earliest dancing costumes. She says: “I loved helping Mum sew the costumes. Then at school it was one of my favourite classes.”

Kim’s dream is to land a job in Auckland where she can continue to be creative, but also where she can learn about buying and selling and get hands-on experience in the business side of fashion. “I would be keen to work for anyone. Just getting my foot in the door of the fashion industry would be amazing, doing what I love as a job,” says Kim.

As job-hunting begins and her student budget prevails, Kim will continue to create gorgeous clothes for her own wardrobe from op shops and thrift shops; transforming rags to fashion riches.