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Funky Tights

Funky Tights - Fashion Stores - Auckland New Zealand


Italian fashion hosiery
at its best!



Funky Tights is the NZ importer and distributor of the top quality Italian fashion hosiery brand, OMSA. The designs are very feminine and sexy and the quality as always is outstanding. The unique double thread technology ensures that the products are very durable, so you get great value for your money.



The range includes pantyhose, footless tights, stay-ups, kneehighs and ankle socks. The designs are very unique, there's a variety of designs available and all the products are of outstanding high quality.

Do you need something to wear everyday in the office or for the night out? Do you prefer wearing skirts or pants? OMSA has just what you need! As patterned hosiery is becoming increasingly fashionable and popular, we continue to bring new designs to the market.

Our products are available from more than 80 retail stores throughout New Zealand including big department stores such as Ballantynes in Christchurch, Arthur Barnett in Dunedin and Smith+Caughey's in Auckland, and various fashion shops, lingerie shops, shoe shops and gift stores around the country. We are constantly looking for retail partners, who can offer this outstanding brand to women all around New Zealand. Also, to serve women in rural areas or places where we don't have retailers yet, we have an online store, www.funkytights.co.nz as well.

Funky Tights
Italian fashion hosiery at its best!

P O Box 217100 Botany Junction,
Manukau 2164
Phone  (09) 271 1195
Fax      (09) 271 1145
Mobile  021 749 867
Email   sales@funkytights.co.nz
Web    www.funkytights.co.nz


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