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Fashion Basics for your Wardrobe - Page 2

Eyewear trends come and go, and it’s fun to experiment with different styles, but investing in a simple pair of black, oversized sunnies is a quick way to create an air of mystery and instant glamour.  Think Audrey Hepburn, and of course, Jackie O.


Ballet Flats

We love a fab pair of heels for glamour, but ballet flats are actually one of my favourite shoes to wear - so versatile, cute and comfortable.  Overland does a great ballet flat.


A good pair of heels
Need I say more?  Once again, black is best.  For versatility go with a simple, high heeled black pump.  Patent is cute and endures through the seasons.


A leather shoulder bag or tote is obviously an essential.  In my opinion, the bigger, the better when it comes to handbags.  To store all your essentials from your diary to your perfume, this is a must for day-to-day wear.  If you select one key piece from this list to invest in, this is it.


Every woman knows the giant suitcase-sized handbag is not always practical for evening wear, so get a cute clutch to wear out at night.  Not to sound repetitive, but once again, with black you can’t go wrong.  Perfect for all your evening essentials – cell phone, credit card and lippy.


Red nails
Technically not a wardrobe item, but nail polish truly has the ability to transform any outfit.  And if I had to pick one colour, a bright red is timeless and always elegant.  Invest in a good quality shade of red – I love … from O.P.I.