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Style File: Hollie Smith

Hollie smith is one of New Zealands most predominant female musicians. 

Over the last ten years she has toured internationally with her music and worked on numerous collaborations with other Artists including Fat Freddy’s Drop, Trinity Roots, and Recloose. 


Tell us a bit about your new album titled Band of Brothers?


I just released Band of Brothers on August 1st, 2011. 


It was a collaboration album with a good friend MaraTK, a very very talented musician who I felt was a good person to work with. 


Band of Brothers is essentially a side project I wanted to do that can be a vehicle for experimenting with different genres/ sound, so-writing and collaborating.


You are currently in Berlin, Describe the German approach to fashion compared with New Zealand?


It’s pretty unpretentious; I haven't seen a certain style anywhere regardless of 'status' or district... I’m enjoying it, no one is judged in a scene because of it. 


How do you think your style of music translates into your personal style?


Um, I am not sure if it does. I’m pretty casual; I generally don't feel comfortable in heels or a dress or tight things but I’m getting better! 


Jeans and a top is pretty much me... and boots, I don't own much other than boots.  


Who is your style icon & why?


Not sure I have one really... I pick and take from different styles and that changes very frequently! I go through fazes every mood. 



Who is your favourite NZ designer?


I enjoy borrowing from Zambesi; think they do some amazing stuff. Lela Jacobs is up and coming and she’s got some great stuff too. 


What has been your biggest fashion mistake?


 Haha, there had been so many I’m not sure where to start, PV pants to the ball? 


 What can you not leave home without?


 Hair ties... I try to wear my hair out but it drives me crazy - If I can’t get it off my face we have a problem. 


Complete this sentence – You would never catch me wearing?


Up until recently I would say a dress... pretty safe to say that’s still it most of the time!