Super Shellac

I’m probably a little slow to jump on the Shellac bandwagon, as a lot of my friends and fellow media have known about it for quite some time, but better late than never!

I visited the lovely Amber at Verdo Nails in Parnell for my first Shellac mani – Amber is the first in NZ to get the brand new 2011 Shellac colours (not officially launched in NZ until May 2011), so I am probably the first in NZ to be sporting the brand new ‘Black Pool’ Shellac shade on my nails! 

The reason I love Shellac is, not only is the finish super shiny, it is super hard-wearing.  I can be a little clumsy when it comes to my hands and they get banged around a lot, (especially from typing all day long on my keyboard) and a normal mani for me last a maximum of three days before chipping.  But I’m happy to say I’m nearly a week in and the finish is still completely perfect and looking like new.  And even better – Shellac is VERY quick-drying – as in it dries in about five minutes.  So no more of the dreaded knocking and ruining your manicure within 10 minutes of getting it!

I definitely recommend a visit to Amber at Verdo Nails to try this for yourself – not only has she got the newest colours before anyone else, she’s one of the nicest people I know – for more info on Shellac and other services check out

That's my hand above with my shiny new nails in 'Black Pool'

Natalie Cosgrove

18 February 2011

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