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Woman of Beauty - Branka Simunovich

Woman of Beauty - Branka Simunovich

Branka Simunovich, the founder and owner of the Olive Body Care range, lives by a 200 year old beauty philosophy that would do all of us a lot of good. FashioNZ chatted to Branka and tapped in to her inspiring wealth of beauty knowledge.

What is the secret to aging gracefully?

For me the aging process is just a natural way of life - as the mind gets more mature, the body shows the signs of that maturity. It can't be stopped, but it can be delayed by the right way of living.

Laughter is the secret; enjoyment of even the simplest moments in life relaxes your body, bringing better blood flow, feeding the skin and building the relaxation of people around you. Once you're relaxed, the real beauty under the skin is more visible, and the few small wrinkles are not so important.

What is your top beauty tip?

My secret is to live by three golden rules; cleanse, moisturise, and relax.

Deep cleansing twice a day is important to open the pores, remove the old skin cells and allow new ones to grow. Moisturising is important, but so is eating lots of seasonal vegetables, fish, good olive oil and finishing your meal with a glass of red wine.

Relaxing muscle tissue stops fine wrinkles from appearing, because once skin is broken it is hard to stop deep wrinkles. It can be achieved by a good night's sleep, walking, swimming and enjoying the company of positive people.

What is your daily beauty routine?

I wake up in the morning thinking of my daily goals. Keeping focused helps build my energy, welcoming the day in front. I take a sip of my olive oil, have a warm shower, and then go about cleansing my face and moisturising all over (I wear make up only on occasions). I then take a good look at the lovely person on other side of the mirror and then eat a king sized breakfast, with a glass of vegetable juice, a warm cup of coffee and the morning news.

It is not enough to wake up, eat and go. The whole ceremony should be relaxing and allow time for yourself, making you feel appreciated. The old Japanese wisdom says: "Get breakfast as King, get lunch as poor man and give dinner to the enemy."

What are your top 5 five beauty products?

My Olive body care collection has more than five products and I love them all, but if I'm forced to choose: face cream, cleanser, body milk, shampoo and conditioner - but I can't go without my soap bar either!

How did you get involved in the beauty industry?

All the beauty and life secrets I know have been passed down to me from my Grandma Maria, who taught me that is not so important what happens to you from day to day but how you face it and how you act on it.

Beauty comes from underneath, making your eyes shine and your skin to glow. Maria taught me how to make the creams and cook the soaps as well as the enormous benefits of essential oils and plant derivatives.

Her thoughts were that if you take care of your skin in the early days of your life, it brings huge rewards later - when we most need them.

I've been making my creams all my life and sharing them with friends and I always dreamed of making my hobby my living. Our family secrets, like most Mediterranean women, is to live life to the full; laugh, work hard with passion, eat well and fresh by the season when available and drink a good glass of red wine everyday, but not two.

What is a typical day for you?

I always keep one hour for myself in the morning, then I take my day as it comes. I try to be organised to make sure I don't miss out on achieving my daily goals, but if I don't reach them all, there is always another day.

Who are your beauty icons?

Raquel Welch, Tina Turner and Nicole Kidman - all three woman live life to the full and have amazing energy and self appreciation, are hard working and have a positive attitude.

If we only have 3 minutes to do a quick make-over in the morning what should our makeup routine be?

What is the biggest make-up mistake people make?

My opinion is that young girls wear too much make up too often and start far too young. They also miss out on the cleansing and feeding of the skin in the evening - combined with the wrong diet, this combination can make the skin more mature too soon.

When I need to refresh quickly I wash my face with cold water, then use a warm wet towel as a compress, then I dry the skin and apply my Olive multivitamin cream, then repeat the warm compress again. The skin becomes supple and fresh - ready to put makeup on.