The 2024 fashion trends I’m buying into and where to shop them in NZ

They may be Tiktok trends but these ones are sure to stand the test of time

Say what you want about TikTok but when the algorithm gets you, it gets you good. Mine is currently a rotation of fashion girlies, tarot readings, conspiracy theories and chopped salads, but as we begin the transition into autumn, it’s the fashion week GRWM content that’s really stoking my fire. 

As a rule, I don’t partake in “trends” just for the sake of it or try to fit in with what everyone else is wearing; I never want to feel like an imitation. But this season I’m seeing a few trends pop up that while yes, may be #trending, in reality they are timeless styling ideas having another turn in the spotlight. 

So with that being said, here are a few looks taking over my Tiktok feed that I will actually buy into for 2024, and beyond. Because thinking with a long term mindset when it comes to purchasing clothing is important, regardless of the current trends.

A pop of red

I recently bought a 100% pure New Zealand wool jumper in the perfect shade of red for $20 from Trade Me (shop second hand too! It’s fun!) and it will be a staple for winter. Cherry red is popping up everywhere, and even those adverse to colour are using it to inject some vibrancy into their looks. Don’t be scared of red. It’s basically a neutral.

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Flat shoes

Always one to shy away from wearing heels whenever possible, I am enamoured with the wide range of flat shoes available this season. From ballet flats to pointed slip-ons, flats are far from a boring footwear option, giving off an effortless but put-together vibe.

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Puddling jeans

Millennials might find this one a bit triggering (I can guarantee each and every one of us remembers rocking our Lee Super Flares on a rainy winter’s day) but get on top of your PTSD ASAP because long jeans are back. We want them scraping the ground, hanging off the body, giving us so much ease and chill, but we will be smart and safety-pin the hem on a rainy day this time, got it?

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Gold jewellery is out and silver is back in a big way for 2024, but controversially, the trend has also extended to clothing. There is a plethora of silver jeans available in every price point and many a sequin and silver mesh number to be found too. If that’s not your vibe, thankfully, it’s very easy to dip a toe into this trend with accessories that you know you’ll have for years to come.

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Impeccable tailoring

Nothing says I’ve got my sh*t together like a perfect blazer or pair of pants that look like they’ve been custom made to fit. New Zealand brands know how to do great tailoring and investing in key pieces such as these will not only serve you for your formal or office wear, but help to elevate your everyday wardrobe staples too.

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