A beauty brand that really matters: MATER Beauty

MATER Beauty

Petra Škorić, owner and founder, MATER Beauty

Say hello to MATER Beauty, an exciting and thoughtful New Zealand beauty brand for all time-challenged women who have come to the realisation that they need to start putting themselves first.

A carefully curated collection of bespoke formulations, offering a perfect balance of botanicals and actives, MATER Beauty is not only dedicated to the creation of skincare and haircare that delivers on its promises but there are also equally important layers of intent behind the brand.

The creative mind behind MATER Beauty, Petra Škorić, knows first-hand just how precious a commodity time is, so right from the outset, she has prioritised minimum effort for maximum results.

MATER Beauty

A personal story of rediscovering self-love

Like many of us, Petra knows a thing or two about running on adrenaline. After spending 15 years entrenched in the fast-paced advertising and IT industries, in 2019, she stepped into her most significant role yet – mother.

However, along with a deep love for her son, came a sense of ‘loss’ of her former self and she craved fulfilment outside of parenting.

Facing another emotional milestone when her beloved mother Zdenka passed away in 2021, Petra underwent a reassessment of her priorities in life.

In her mother’s final weeks, she gave her daughter some words of wisdom: “Start looking after yourself and putting yourself first again.”

With those words in mind, Petra became acutely aware of how precious our time on Earth is and how she had continually neglected herself since becoming a mother.

What followed was a period of deep inner reflection and a vast shifting of her priorities.

This, in turn, fed a passion for creating luxurious, highly efficacious beauty products that maximised results and prioritised her time to balance the demands of motherhood.

While doing so, she created a legacy for her mother, which helped her journey through grief and loss.

To immortalise her mother’s timeless advice, MATER Beauty was born.

Petra describes MATER Beauty as “what you get when you cross an extravagant workaholic, skincare fanatic, a newborn baby, and a loss of a parent.”

The carefully curated collection of skin and hair products was inspired by Petra’s desire to encourage mothers to take time to nurture themselves and remember they are as worthy of their loving care as their families.

It’s a powerful intent to infuse a beauty brand with but Petra has never deviated from the values that drove the creation of her products.

“I put my heart and soul into MATER Beauty,” she admits. “As a skincare fanatic, MATER Beauty uses premium, scientifically-proven ingredients, and what I have left out matters, too, so there are no artificial colours, fragrances, or cheap ingredients to ‘pad out’ the formulations.”

MATER Beauty

Bespoke formulations designed to nurture

All MATER Beauty products have been tested over many months (on people, not animals) to ensure optimal results without irritation.

MATER Beauty ticks all the boxes. The bespoke formulations offer the perfect balance of botanicals and actives – proven potent and highly effective while nurturing and soothing all skin types.

Launching with two face serums that are designed to work synergistically together as an entire post-cleansing routine, these deliciously named goodies are loaded with actives and
can be used both morning and night – MATER Beauty I Woke Up Like This Beyond-hydration Perfecting Serum and MATER Beauty You Are My Sunshine Supercharged Glow Drops (a magnificent blend of 15 luxury oils).

To pack the most goodness into them, one is water-based and the other oil-based, as healthy skin needs both water and oil to look and feel its best.

The plant-derived scents in MATER Beauty products are subtly elegant, encouraging a moment to pause and take a calming breath (let’s be honest, we could all do with incorporating this into our daily routine).

At the same time, silken blends of premium ingredients deliver hydration to encourage plump and glowing (never greasy) skin.

MATER Beauty products are available online.

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