Euphoria girlies, put aside a fifty for the latest Havaianas collab

Barbie Ferreira x Havaianas launch the jandal of the summer

Ubiquitous Brazilian footwear brand Havaianas is no stranger to successful fashion collaborations, but this summer the jandal juggernaught treads a new path with its first ever celeb collab.

Most of us know Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez from the hit HBO show Euphoria, but now the Brazilian-American actress is trading in her webcam and extravagant high school fits for these retro-inspired flip flops, infused with nostalgia for her homeland.

“Being Brazilian-American has shaped my heart, my art and my fashion endlessly,” says Barbie. “Getting the chance to design for a company that represents my family and me in a nostalgic way is incredibly exciting, and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy what we came up with.”

Putting the emphasis on enjoyment, here are 8 ways to wear your Barbie Havis this summer…

  1. Hot-footing it from car to branded-beach towel across the scorching sand, because safety first.
  2. During the mandatory Christmas day walk, post-demolishing a whole plate of Nana’s famous potatoes.
  3. Driving home from your spray tan appointment in preparation for yet another mediocre New Year’s Eve.
  4. Rocking up to your new ‘friend’s’ house (upgraded from very loose acquaintance when you found out they have a pool).
  5. To flaunt your freshly-waxed toes, a generous add-on provided by your Off & On technician at the end of a punishing post-winter hair removal sesh.
  6. Teaming with the theme at a Euphoria S1 and S2 rewatch marathon, as the writer’s strike pushes production of S3 ever further away.
  7. During the slightly gratuitous rinse off at the public beach showers (again, safety first!)
  8. When you’re trying to look low-mainty in front of your older brother’s newly eligible mate, whose first wife was more of a Louboutins and Laurent-Perrier girlie.

Featuring the brand’s iconic flip-flop style in green and brown colourways, the Havaianas x Barbie Ferreira collaboration is available exclusively at Havaianas.co.nz, RRP $50 NZD.