Beauty Diary: The Body Shop makeup

The Body Shop makeup review

Me experimenting with makeup from The Body Shop. Image writer’s own.

When The Body Shop makeup turned up on my work desk I couldn’t wait to get this stuff home to review it for FashioNZ. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop in years. I used to wear their Vanilla perfume all the time. I’ve never tried any of their makeup range so it was all quite exciting.

Here are some facts to know about The Body Shop makeup:
– Cruelty-Free
– 100% Vegetarian (they still use honey and beeswax in some products)
– No Carmine (a red pigment/dye derived from insect’s native to South America and Mexico)
– No Petroleum (Petroleum is a by-product of petrol, it’s a fossil fuel)
– No Mineral Oil (Mineral oil is completely transparent and is basically a liquid form of petroleum jelly).
– No Gluten (Coeliac is being allergic to ingesting gluten, same deal for using products on the outside of the

The new customisable Down to Earth Eyeshadow Palettes are quite a cool idea. They literally snap in and you can swap them out for colours you maybe use more often. There are 30 different shades to choose from which are all highly pigmented. They are inspired by the beauty of nature with matte, sparkly and shimmery shades available. Something for everyone, including us girls who usually only wear matte shadows. I like that they each have an earthy name like ‘Atacama Desert’ as well.

The Body Shop makeup review

Me experimenting with The Body Shop makeup.

Start off with a small amount and work up to the colour depth you desire. A little goes a long way and this eyeshadow is easy to apply. Not only do I keep my makeup routine very simple, but I also don’t wear coloured eyeshadows very often. These products were a great excuse to have some fun and get creative with crazy colours.

The colours I tried were: Giza Stone, Purple Topaz, Tulum Turquoise, Atacama Desert and Budelli Sand.

I’ve also been testing out some of The Body Shop makeup brushes. I’m really impressed with these brushes so far and cannot stress how important I think it is to invest in quality brushes. I want to go back and buy the ones I’m missing from the set. The brush hairs are synthetic and the wooden handles are sustainably sourced. That makes them 100% vegan.

The Body Shop makeup review

Makeup brushes and eyeshadows from The Body Shop.

These are the brushes featured from left to right in the image above and what I used them for:
Angled Blush Brush – Perfectly applied blush every time thanks to the softest angled brush
Pointed Highlighter Brush – Contouring and highlighting the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, hairline and cupids bow. I’m really loving this brush and it’s easily become my favourite of the lot
Foundation Buffing Brush – a helpful brush which I’ve really enjoyed using. As someone who has always just used their hands for applying my foundation base, this is a break-through for me
Flat Shader Brush – Used to extend your eyeshadow and give it a sultry, smokey finish. Always blend, blend, blend.

And lastly, I cleaned all my makeup off with The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and Luxury Facial Flannel (how fancy).

The Body Shop makeup review

Cleansing products from The Body Shop.

I had high hopes for the cleansing butter, and while I love how well it takes off my makeup. I just can’t get past the smell. I wanted it to smell like relaxing, subtle camomile so badly. But I feel like it smells totally different and much stronger than I expected. As a product that’s getting all up and personal around my nose, I wish the scent wasn’t so overwhelming. One thing I will say is that I have tested this product all around my eyes and it doesn’t sting! So important as someone who needs to remove mascara and eyeliner flicks daily.

The cleansing butter is effective for melting away makeup and leaving the skin clean, soft and dewy.

The facial flannel feels incredibly lovely on my skin. It dries out and feels crunchy until its rehydrated again. I like soaking it in warm water and using it to remove and residue left over from the cleansing butter.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the products I have tried so far and I will venture into the next store I walk past to have a closer look around.

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Images writer’s own.