Beauty review: This facial gave me flawless makeup for a week

And more reasons to try Skintopia’s Supercharged ProSkin 60

During a recent therapy session, my psychologist asked me if I ever get massages. You don’t need to know why. She then proceeded to choke on her Rooibos tea as I explained that in the fortnight since I last saw her, I’d had three massages, two facials, two scalp treatments, attended one sound bath, and that I had another skin treatment scheduled for the weekend.

I’m not encouraging anyone to get into lifestyle journalism. Not in this economy. But there are perks, and being pampered for free is one of them. (I would like to take this moment to say I do pay for my massages because Dani at Eden Thai Massage in Kingsland does the best 90-minute hot stone massage in the city, and same story re: Crossing Paths’ sound baths).

You might think that my packed self-care schedule would have me moving through the world like an eternally dewey, impossibly zen, totally tension-free paragon of wellness. If you read my op-ed last week, you will understand why this is not, and probably never will be the case. My body is less a temple and more an eternal fixer-upper, no matter how many times I’m professionally exfoliated.

Having said this, sometimes a professional exfoliation makes a huge difference. This was the case at New Zealand-owned skin clinic Skintopia, where I experienced their most popular facial, the ProSkin 60, ‘Super Charged’ with two add-on treatments selected by my facialist Bianka to bring out the best in my skin.

The session began with me sticking my face in the OBSERV Skin Diagnostic machine, to enable Bianka to look at my skin up close. This non-invasive diagnostic tool captures detailed imagery of the skin’s layers, which for me revealed pigmentation on the forehead, a little breakout on the chin and jawline, as well as overall dryness of the skin.

Using the OBSERV results as a starting point, Bianka and I chatted about the skin ageing process, and I was given helpful advice on the treatments, skincare and simple dietary changes I might like to consider to optimise my skin health.

The treatment steps were then as follows. I should note that I was so blissed out by this point that I dozed off for most of it, and these details were explained to me afterwards in a thorough, post-treatment debrief over a Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost-infused tea.

My ProSkin 60 Super Charged treatment

For such a serious sounding treatment, the experience was anything but clinical. My first visit to Skintopia won me over for its warm, welcoming environment, the knowledge and care of its therapists, and how in just over one hour from walking in off the street, I was given a completely bespoke facial that has proved to me the power of personalisation in the days since.

I’m still no skin expert, but I do know when my skin is happy based on how smoothly my makeup goes on in the morning, and how crusty (or in this instance, completely passable) it looks by the end of the day. Armed with Bianka’s instructions to “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” long may that last.

A sure giveaway that the services they are peddling are actually effective, I also couldn’t help but notice the stunning skin of the Skintopia staff, in particular one impossibly fresh-faced, make-up free therapist whose skin secret I simply had to know.

“Oh, I’m 24,” she said.

Another deep breath, and I left, promising to return.

Discover the ProSkin 60 and more bespoke facial treatments at Skintopia.