BLUNT releases colourful collaboration with animator Ellen Porteus

Blunt x Ellen Porteus collaboration

BLUNT and Ellen Porteus have released a fun new collaboration. Image supplied.

BLUNT Umbrellas released their latest limited edition design online today which is a colourful collaboration with Melbourne based animator and illustrator Ellen Porteus. Ellen is known for her vibrant signature style that is bursting with wit, visual metaphor and wordplay. She has worked with the likes of global brands Apple, Disney and Instagram on clever designs that utilise her favoured tessellating patterns and lively colour palettes.

For this fresh new collaboration with BLUNT Ellen took inspiration from nature, enjoying the challenge of working on a different medium and layering pattern-on-pattern to create a really vibrant artwork. The result is an eye-catching umbrella that is oh so detailed and lots of fun.

“I’m really inspired by the patterns found in nature – the spots, the stripes, the shapes on animals, insects and foliage. I like taking inspiration from these and dialling them up a notch, making them bolder and brighter and a bit surreal. I hope this umbrella injects a bit of psychedelic fun and colour into people’s rainy days,” says Ellen. “I loved the challenge of working with a new and unusual canvas. Playing around with how the umbrella would look at different angles, open, and closed was really fun. I was given a lot of creative freedom by the BLUNT team to go wild with the pattern and colours, so seeing it come to life was amazing.”

Blunt x Ellen Porteus collaboration

Blunt x Ellen Porteus collaboration

Images supplied.