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I’m Angela Stone, a lifestyle mentor, fashion stylist, brand ambassador and author with over 25 years experience working in the global beauty industry. My main passion that motivates all of my work is to aid others in leading the most fulfilling and empowering lives possible. Through sharing my experience and expertise regarding all things fashion and beauty, my clients can rest assured knowing they are receiving the most reliable and reputable knowledge to lead them to becoming their most fabulous selves!

Teens Style & Etiquette Course
My Teens Style & Etiquette Course is the ideal avenue to equip young girls with the skills and knowledge they need in order to become their most empowered selves. Adolescence is such a vulnerable time in a young girls life and the modern day pressures instilled on them through social media are no help to their self-perception. With this in mind, I have curated my course specifically to provide young girls with the solid foundations necessary in order to become empowered and capable women. From sessions in fashion styling and personal grooming to effective communication skills to build self confidence, my course is the entire package for transforming young teens into the empowered women we need to lead our next generation.

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Teenage Styling Course

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Do you want to make your dream’s come true and become a model? If you are serious about becoming a model – now is the time to start! To learn all of the necessary skills to start modeling now it is essential that you first learn everything about the industry. Do you have what it takes? Is your hair in good condition? Do you have beautiful skin? Are you in good shape? These are just some of the things we are going to talk about whilst training you on how to become a professional model. If you possess the right personality traits, look, knowledge and skills, you will have what it take to be successful in this industry. With the right level of high energy, commitment and motivation, combined with the right attitude, you’ll be on the road to success!

How to be a Model

Angela Stone Courses

Makeover Courses for Women 40+
My Makeover Course for Women 40+ is the ultimate course for women in need of a style revamp. Run over a 2 day period, my clients will receive in-depth and up-to-date tips and tricks to revolutionise their style and reignite their passion for fashion, beauty and self-confidence. I have curated and tailored this course to satisfy the needs of the modern woman. As a hard-working business woman myself, I understand first-hand the difficulties and pressures that accompany a successful life in our modern climate. Through my Makeover Course, I guarantee my clients will be given the helping hand they need in order to reinvigorate themselves from the inside-out.

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Makeover Course

Angela Stone Courses

Fashion Stylist Course
For those who have a talent for fashion and styling but wish to expand on their skills, my Fashion Stylist Course equips individuals with the key knowledge they need in order to take their flair for fashion to a professional level. Drawing on my own extensive experience within the global fashion industry, my clients will be provided with expert advice to support them in becoming the fashion stylists of their dreams. From lessons covering the core concepts of styling, layering and colour co-ordinating to effective communication and business marketing, attendees will leave with an expansive understanding of the fashion styling industry and the skills necessary for building their own successful careers within it.

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Become a Stylist

Through my Fashion Styling eCourse, individuals are able to develop their skills and passion for all things fashion from the comfort of their own homes! Curated with 5 modules, each of which cover core fashion knowledge and styling skills, clients are able to access the essential expertise necessary for building a successful career within the fashion industry from their very own fingertips.

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Being Real Book
A reflection on my own extensive experience in the whirlwind world of fashion, beauty and business, Being Real is a lifestyle book created with the intention of inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest. Throughout my prolific 25 year career, I’ve learnt first-hand the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health, practicing mindfulness and nurturing overall self-confidence in order to establish a successful and rewarding lifestyle. I now wish to share this knowledge with the rest of the world and motivate other like-minded individuals to pursue their dreams and access their most fabulous selves!

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Being Real Book