Emma Lewisham

Emma Lewisham was founded to create evidence-based, natural skincare that works. Engineered to activate the innate intelligence of the skin, their formulations harness up to 25 pioneering ingredients that deliver synergistic action across multiple skin pathways for superior results. As the world’s first certified Climate Positive and 100% circular skincare brand, they are leading the transition to a more sustainable beauty industry.   

Inquisitive, analytical and forever searching to prove the impossible, possible – Emma always felt she would do something meaningful in her work.

Prior to founding her eponymous skincare line, Emma found this meaning as the sole female, senior executive in a global technology company.

She thrived in the environment of innovation and found purpose in helping develop and uplift the women on her team. However, her fast-paced life stood suddenly still in 2016, upon losing her beloved mother to cancer.

Emma describes this time as a ‘period of pause’ and deep introspection, of bringing her down to Earth, from where she realised that no-one is invincible.

Having prioritised work over wellness for 10 years, Emma began to look closely at her health.

After 2 years and many iterations later, in 2019 Emma Lewisham was born. Striving to consistently set a new benchmark in beauty, bottle by bottle, Emma Lewisham embodies a new way of thinking, proving that scientifically backed and natural skincare can co-exist.

Independently verified to outperform even the most iconic luxury brands on the market, Emma Lewisham has quickly developed a reputation for delivering visible results you can see and feel.

Emma Lewisham is available online and at selected stockists.


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