Our inspiration is the moments where you can’t control your breathing. The shaky inhales, deep, quick, hold-your-breath kind of breaths. Being in the deep end, in over your head, and in the zone. We’re about that one moment. The moment at the top of the mountain. Your mountain. Whatever that looks like. When 49 percent of you is saying ‘maybe not’… but the other 51% wins. When you know that gravity and nature and fate is powerful, but hell, so are you. You trust yourself. And you let go.

Once you’ve come through that moment, there’s no going back. Because now you know what lies on the other side; a world without barriers. Staring down the barrel of ifs, buts, and maybes and riding on through. And now you’re dangerous, because you’ve uncovered the secret that keeps most people still; that fear is a liar.

It’s not about breaking world records or even personal bests. It’s about seeking that moment. Seeking the stuff that’s a bit steep, a bit fast, a bit risky – a bit of you. Seeking thrills. Pushing a little more each time.

That’s who ilabb is. A group of people who live for letting go. Addicted to the discovery of our own potential. Excited about the ride. It’s not the easy route, but it is the unforgettable one. And the one you’ll wish you’d taken. Let go. Find out who you really are. It’s scary, but wow, it’s worth it.