Meadowlark is an independent jewellery studio based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Meadowlark story is a love story between the creative minds of founders and partners Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont. Starting from a makeshift work bench in their Auckland home, the evolution of Meadowlark reflects their mutual passion for art, nature, travel and the magical craft of jewellery making.

After many years and many collections, the Meadowlark tapestry is densely woven; some threads shine brightly for a season or two, while others endure, becoming design classics. A constant throughout the mercurial design process is a discernible love of creative tension.

Traditional and vintage-inspired forms re-imagine the classical for the contemporary wearer, charms borrowed from symbolic registers both ancient and modern, and impossibly-refined objects resemble modernist sculpture in miniature. Some Meadowlark pieces start with an idea, others begin with a particular material. All result in that special savoir-faire; a lingering moment of synthesis between form and concept.

Our offering includes everyday essentials, experimental and enigmatic seasonal collections, and Ceremonial, for very special occasions. With few exceptions, Meadowlark jewellery is made-to-order at the studio in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland by our team of talented jewellers. Meadowlark is designed to last, and always made in a way that’s mindful of the earth we share.

We hope you wear our work with the same spirit in which it was made; with passion, confidence, a little bit of irreverence.