Over three decades, NOM*d has galvanised its position as a label that honours the sharp intelligence and deep individuality of the wearer. For NOM*d, clothing can be portal to a profound inner landscape or shield against the outside world.

NOM*d offers a wardrobe that is understated and subversive. Taking an irreverent approach to tailored silhouettes and utilitarian textiles, deconstruction and unexpected reworking underpin the label’s design to create garments that, although experimental, can be worn as uniform. NOM*d is enduring – like the singular chime of a bell – yet defiant; the interplay between light and dark has been resolute throughout the years.

Founded by Margarita Robertson in 1986 in Dunedin, NOM*d is a label that continues to embrace the gothic beguile of this elemental place.

All NOM*d clothing is made in New Zealand.  

NOM*d  clothing is available at selected stockists and online at https://www.nomdstore.com

Get in touch NOM*d at @[email protected]