Whitecliffe Fashion Tech

Whitecliffe Fashion Tech

Whitecliffe Fashion Tech is New Zealand’s leading tertiary educator in commercial fashion design. By keeping up-to-date with changes within the fashion industry, Whitecliffe Fashion Tech provides the optimum learning environment with varied, well-constructed learning opportunities and real-world outcomes to ensure our graduate’s skills are aligned with industry requirements. Graduates learn the fundamentals of fashion design from passionate, industry-skilled tutors, and small class sizes at all levels of study provide a nurturing learning environment with a strong focus on each student’s personal development and preparation for a career in the fashion industry.

We offer programme delivery in the practical, hands-on, technical aspects of the fashion industry. Each year we have high numbers of successful employment placements within the fashion industry with graduates in skilled positions such as fashion design, merchandising, production, and manufacture, fashion buying/styling/retail, and other areas of production management and commercial fashion design.

Students in all programmes are immersed in activities that are rich and real; their learning is personally meaningful and is an active processing experience. Classrooms are set up to replicate apparel and fashion workrooms, and practical, industry-based sessions replicate working in the industry.

Our tutors and support staff bring extensive and valuable industry knowledge to the programmes, and in preparing students for a career in the fashion industry. Multiple teaching methods and delivery strategies are used to meet the needs of our target learner group and maximise opportunities for students to receive and retain information, promote active engagement with materials, and engage in their own learning and the learning of others. Work experience and internships are a valuable and integral part of all our programmes and enable students to put their learning into context.

Whitecliffe Fashion Tech

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Fashion Design (Level 7) – 3 academic years full time
Fashion Design is an influential and creative medium offering a dynamic means of personal expression and design activism to create a sustainable and ethical future.Fashion is fast to react to global socio-economic and cultural events and represents contemporary concerns of the designer and wearer, as well as providing a dialogue between the past and present. The Whitecliffe Fashion Design pathway focuses on sustainable and ethical practices and encourages students to challenge the traditional boundaries of fashion, elevating the craft of making and fostering creativity to develop high levels of experimentation and technical skills and an understanding of fashion’s environmental and social impact.

New Zealand Certificate in Apparel and Fashion Technology (Level 3) 1 academic year full time
The Level 3 NZ Certificate in Apparel and Fashion Technology is an entry-level programme that teaches practical, hands-on, technical skills used to construct full garments. Become familiar with industrial machinery, techniques, and terminology necessary for fashion garment construction and be introduced to fabric technology and patternmaking.

New Zealand Certificate in Apparel and Fashion Technology (Patternmaking) (Level 4) 1 academic year full time
Study body measurement, create blocks for men, women, and children, and learn to make, adapt, test-fit, and grade a range of patterns for outerwear garments. This programme will broaden your understanding of the terminology and techniques used in fashion garment production. You will gain New Zealand qualifications, extend fabric knowledge, and learn computer tasks for garment production whilst continuing your journey into the realm of commercial fashion design.

New Zealand Diploma in Apparel and Fashion Technology (Level 5) – 1 academic year full time
The Level 5 NZ Diploma in Apparel and Fashion Technology programme pulls together the skills and knowledge of the two Certificate programmes and takes it to another level. You will use and refine advanced skills in patternmaking, fit, garment construction, and production to create lingerie, swimwear, and tailored garments.

Contact Information and Campus Locations

Whitecliffe Fashion Tech have two campuses in Auckland and one in Wellington and Christchurch.

Central Auckland
67 Symonds Street
Auckland 1010

South Auckland – Manukau
Level 2, 3 Osterley Way
Auckland 2104

110 Lambton Quay
Wellington Central
Wellington 6011

167 Madras Street
Christchurch Central City
Christchurch 8011

For general enquiries please contact us on 0800 800 300 or email [email protected]