Taylor artfully highlights the beauty of simple, long lasting, materials through sophisticated designs. The boutique brand, established by designer Vicki Taylor in 1999, caters to the time-challenged woman, endeavouring to empower and elevate a sense of self through thoughtful design and unparalleled styling experiences.

Taylor explores a contrasting of elements; where structure is juxtaposed with fluidity and each garment features unexpected details.

The striking yet practical designs allow the wearer to effortlessly create an individual style that complements their mood and personality. Taylor sets an intellectual and intimate language, reflected in the carefully selected fabrics and textures. An emphasis on impeccable tailoring seduces the wearer with its fluidity. Taylor garments are superbly produced in unparalleled quality fabrications that are imported from leading European and Japanese mills. Our designs are manufactured in New Zealand wherever possible with incredible skill, attention to detail and dedication. Vicki’s aesthetic of infusing everyday garments with unexpected details and enduring quality is what has come to define her brand.

Part of what defines Taylor is our passion for local design and manufacture: based in Eden Terrace, Auckland, we are designed in New Zealand and wherever possible we are proudly made in New Zealand. With every NZ made garment, it passes through 5 other talented New Zealand Manufacturers hands, keeping our local industry alive for the next generations.

Due to changes to our industry, and less availability of machinery and price driven requests by our clients, now days we have been pushed to produce some of our products offshore. These are still designed and sampled locally in our country, and then produced under the ‘by Taylor’ brand. These garments have a silvery-grey label or a screen printed label that say ‘by Taylor’ on them. We source these offshore factories carefully – please contact us for more information on this.

Allow us to invite you behind the scenes for a peek of our daily life… from our inspiring team of designers, to the talented machinists, finishers and pressers – all working their magic to bring our collections to life.