Discover Deadly Ponies’ sophisticated new winter range

Deadly Ponies Fall/Winter 22

Deadly Ponies have launched the brand’s Fall Winter ’22 collection. Image supplied.

Among the first of the notable new season arrivals is Part I of Deadly Ponies‘ elegant Fall Winter ‘22 collection which has just dropped in stores and online. A fascinating range which traverses innovative textures and materials, Deadly Ponies have drawn inspiration from an Antarctic exploration, which sets the scene for an epic collection of covetable pieces.

Creative Director Liam Bowden delved into journey of historical Australian photographer, Frank Hurley, his pup Blizzard, and his polar voyages undertaken in the early 20th Century. The resulting collection sees the brand experiment with sharp shades and effervescent reflections in a suitably icy palette. As with every Deadly Ponies seasonal collection the range is multi-layered, encompassing a detailed journey that unfolds in three parts.

The first of which sets off at sunset as the fading light frames the Antarctic tundra, reflected in soft shades of yuzu, macadamia, and truffle which paint the dusk sky. The long night is represented by Deadly Ponies’ coveted hue, ink which makes a welcome return. This drop sees the brand explore pebbled Stingray-embossed leather for the first time, utilising a custom, hand painted decadent truffle, which is complemented by macadamia python prints that are delicately hand painted in Italy.

Part II sees Deadly Ponies in a playful mood with a sweet treat of coconut ice making for a fun twist on the brand’s classic styles. The introduction of a two-toned leather is truly a delight and the return of the new Stingray-effect texture in vibrant pink tones is a perfect way to up the sweetness.

To round out the collection, Part III celebrates historical photographer, explorer, and filmmaker Frank Hurley’s earliest Antarctic adventures, through a digitally printed, gradation series.

“Frank Hurley was known for his daring imagery, he was self-taught, and handpicked to accompany Sir Douglas Mawson’s first voyage to Antarctica, then joining the army as a war photographer. His fearless approach to his art, and his courage to explore the unknown, have really inspired me to innovate within this collection” says Creative Director, Liam Bowden.

The sleek styles of Part III feature icy steel hues that are perfectly complemented by creamy basil tones and a beautiful ombre sunflower gradient. The warm yellow references the stately Emperor Penguin, which is also carried across to the charming Mr Emperor, a hero crossbody piece for the new season. Deadly Ponies have certainly embarked on a stylish expedition this season and the destination is impossibly chic.

Deadly Ponies Fall/Winter 22

Deadly Ponies Fall/Winter 22

Images supplied.