Eve Wellness announces charitable partnership with The Period Place

Eve x Period Place

Eve Wellness has teamed up with The Period Place. Image supplied.

Eve Wellness are on a mission to end the taboo around sex, hormones, and periods, and they’ve just announced a charitable new partnership with The Period Place, with the aim of giving back. During the months of July and August 2022, for every purchase of Eve Period Pal bought in stores and online, Eve will donate a one month supply of period products to those in need, with help from The Period Place.

The Period Place is the largest menstrual justice charity in Aotearoa, working towards period equity. They are aiming to achieve this through advocacy, outreach, education, promotion and their nationwide period product donation programme which distributes thousands of disposable and reusable period products around Aotearoa to those who need them.

Eve Wellness and The Period Place are delighted to work together again after holding a ‘Period Party’ in 2021, the event celebrated your best (or should we say worst) period stories, told by a panel of inclusive guests. The ticket to entry to the Period Party was to bring in a period product donation, and by the end of the night, a table full of liners, tampons, cups, and period underwear was donated to The Period Place. The two brands share a common goal of encourage women to speak about periods without shame.

Period Pal is Eve’s best-selling supplement and was created to help those who experience PMS symptoms each month. While getting bloated, having mood swings, cramps, and food cravings are common experiences for many during their cycle, they’re not always considered ‘normal’ and there is so much we can do to promote a healthy cycle. Period Pal’s formula of nutrients and herbs act to support healthy ovulation and progesterone production to help keep periods balanced and as hassle-free, as can be.

Period Pal can be purchased online and at Life and Unichem Pharmacies, Health 2000, and other participating health stores and pharmacies around New Zealand with an RRP $59.