Exploring Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists at the NGV


Viktor & Rolf red tulle dress on display at the NGV. Image writer’s own.

Imagine a world where couture is virtually on your doorstep. Where it’s so close you could reach out and touch it, although don’t because couture is precious stuff and not for grabbing as much as those feathers and tulle may tempt you. Recently I was lucky enough to attend the latest fashion exhibit, celebrating Viktor & Rolf at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and it was nothing short of spectacular.

It is hard to believe Viktor & Rolf have only been around for 24 years. Their work is on par with some of the more established couture houses and they are such a well respected label in the fashion world. The exhibition, entitled Victor&Rolf:Fashion Artists is truly a showcase of the best of their work since the early days. Featured are over forty pieces from their haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. It is something else to be able to see these pieces up close and not encased in glass. It is incredibly hard to resist not reaching out and feeling the texture and construction of each piece. Viktor & Rolf’s designs are absolute works of art and so much attention to detail and craftsmanship goes into each and every one of their garments. I particularly loved their red tulle dress (pictured above) which featured a structured skirt and also the pieces inspired by art galleries and classical paintings. The frames encasing these garments were all made of fabric and are just exquisite.


Victor & Rolf dresses at the NGV. Image writer’s own.

As well as showcasing their stunning garments, this exhibit also features dolls modelling miniature garments from Viktor & Rolf’s collection. Each season they create a doll in a smaller scale version of one of the collection’s key pieces. For the Flowerbomb enthusiasts, there is a story about the Flowerbomb collection and fragrance that was inspired by its grandeur to enjoy as well.

For those who like a more interactive experience, the NGV also have a separate room where you can watch Viktor & Rolf’s shows. You can even make like Anna Wintour and experience one of these shows firsthand. The kids are catered for too with a separate atelier of sorts where they can create paper garments and learn about the inner workings of the fashion industry and its magic.

If you are in Melbourne, you cannot leave Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists off your list. It runs until the 26th of February 2017 at the NGV which opens daily from 10am-5pm.