Father’s Day 2022: Gifts under $100

It’s time to celebrate the father figure in your life, so we’ve put together an assortment of goodies priced under $100 we think may just hit the sweet spot for some last-minute gift shopping.

Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Autolabs Care Kit, RRP$49.95

Treat Dad to this mega car care kit from Autolabs – a collection of carefully curated products designed by Matthew and Boston Ridge. Designed to fit inside your vehicle’s glove box, it includes Wash + Wax base cleanser, hydrating tyre conditioner, re-gen interior detailer, and flawless quartz glass cleaner (plus a silver series microfibre cloth). With a little encouragement, your vehicle could also benefit from Dad’s new gift!


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Brucha phone case, RRP$79

Men deserve to live a stylish life too. This impressive collection of one-off hand-painted phone case designs elevates this accessory from a practical piece into a work of art. Choose a colour palette that matches his fave sports team to be extra clever (or there are stickers so you can design your own)! Even better, there’s a matching collection of other accessories such as travel tags, planners and more.


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Who is elijah Haze fragrance, RRP from $50

Shopping for Father’s Day has never been easier, thanks to delectable his/her fragrances (sharing is caring, right?) like Haze, from who is elijah. This warm smoky scent is layered with tantalising hints of fresh orange blossom, pure vanilla, and pink pepper and clove. It’s warm and earthy, with a hint of spice and designed for him (and you) to both enjoy.


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Icebreaker Men’s Merino Anatomica Boxers, RRP$59.99

Dads still love (and usually need, let’s be honest) good quality underwear. Treat him to these classic Icebreaker boxer briefs in Merino Corespun fabric (for year-round body temperature comfort). Available in a great range of colours if you fancy upping his style game.


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Highland Malt Whisky, RRP$54.99

Whisky is a flavour and ritual dear to many men’s hearts. So respecting the unique history of whisky was uppermost in mind when creating this impressive non-alcoholic Lyre’s Highland Neat Whisky. It retains the smoky spice a good whisky is revered for. This award-winning Lyre’s has to be tasted to be fully appreciated – enjoy neat, as a Whisky Sour, or any other favourite mocktail.


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Amanda Alexander Collection Cheetah candles, from RRP$69

Light up the room with these delicious hand-poured organic candles made right here in New Zealand. With an almost dizzying array of gorgeous vessels to choose from, we’ve honed in on the Leopard and Cheetah designs as the ultimate luxe Father’s Day prezzie. Our recommendation is the Big Sur fragrance (lively mandarin, jewelled bergamot, and a splash of zesty lime, blended with smoky woods, rich leather and spiced ebony).


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen, RRP$47

Treat Dad to a non-greasy and lightweight option when it comes to sunscreen. This luxe facial sunscreen is conveniently sized to go everywhere with him and the non-greasy finish absorbs lightly into skin without leaving that white sheen. Includes Vitamin E and maritime pine bark extract to help fend off free radicals.


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Forget Me Not Keepsake Journal, RRP$55

This gem of a gift is layered with all sorts of connectivity – not just for Dad or Grandad, but for everyone in the family involved. Choose a linen-bound Forget Me Not journal for Dad (or Grandad) to record their life stories, wisdom, advice for the future, and special moments. It’s a lifetime legacy, and each journal includes helpful prompts as well as an internal pocket for special moments.


Father's Day 2022 gift guide

Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator Eucaplyptus, RRP$41 and Nécessaire Body Lotion, $43

No Father’s Day ritual would be complete without a helping hand to elevate Dad’s skincare routine. The fresh Eucalyptus aroma of this Nécessaire collection is everything you could hope for – and more. No-fuss products that perform with intent. We suggest treating Dad to The Body Exfoliator (a weekly dual method exfoliator) and Body Lotion for layering that irresistible fragrance.

Bialetti Moka Express, $63

The perfect gift for the espresso-loving Dad. An Italian classic, both in terms of design and performance, this iconic stovetop coffee maker delivers the perfect rich, authentic espresso in just minutes. Fun fact: Bialetti’s distinctive eight-sided shape allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee.

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