FNZ Creators Power List: Beck Wadworth

I started my career in Fashion when I was 19 as a fit model. It opened my eyes to a whole new world & has been a love of mine ever since.

Over the years I progressed my career firstly in fast fashion, then high end then designer working across social media, PR, e-commerce, marketing & graphic design firstly in New Zealand followed by six years in Sydney. During my mid 20’s I felt my own personal style become really defined – effortless, chic & timeless – my wardrobe became a curated edit of pieces that were all within a neutral, monochromatic colour palette. It’s never changed since.  

I started playing with social media on a personal level when I was 23 sharing my personal outfits & launching my stationery brand An Organised Life. It grew organically & I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world & work with some of my dream brands including Veuve Clicquot, Tiffany & Co, Net-A-Porter, Emma Lewisham, Mecca, Lexus, Burberry, Sarah Ellison, Giorgio Armani & many more. 

Last year I welcomed our beautiful daughter Isabella to the world & decided to close An Organised Life after 10 years & focus on my family & our incredible modular house business Makespace that has been growing from strength to strength. Although I’ve pivoted my career to follow my passion of architecture, interiors & design – my love for fashion still remains in my day-to-day dressing & on my social media handles.  

My goals on the fashion front are to inspire others to feel confident to have a curated edit of wardrobe pieces. To feel they can repeat outfits, wear pieces seasons after season + to shop & invest consciously. I’m also passionate about celebrating NZ & AU brands that are doing incredible things.

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